Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Ultimate High Heel Guide

For some, shoes are just something to keep our feet warm, dry, and off the ground - but for me, shoes are part of something bigger. Shoes are the key to tying the perfect outfit together. I have always loved fashion. It has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I hope to go to college for, and later pursue a career in fashion as well.
As girls, many of us own more pairs of shoes than we can even wear, or at least more than we need. But do you really know the names of all the styles of shoes? I mean just about everyone knows the difference between boots, sneakers, heels, sandals, and flats, but do you know the difference between a stiletto and pumps? Well, here is a visual and descriptive guide of 25 different types of shoes and when to wear them.

Heels: Like all types of shoes, different heels are great for different types of events, but tend to be more formal or fun (and not necessarily comfortable footwear).
Stilettos - Stilettos tend to be more pointed with a skinny heel and are great for formal or business events
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Pumps - Less formal, pumps are a bit more rounded and are better for going to a party or out to dinner.
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Platforms - Platform sizes can range in size from about half an inch (which could be considered a pump) to a few inches high and are far from business, but perfect for a party.
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T-strap - T-straps are basically what you'd picture: a strap shaped like a curved 'T'. These can come in many types of heels and therefore vary which occasion they fit.
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More heel styles:
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Thanks for reading and please comment ideas on what I should post next! :)
- E