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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


In all honesty I was not sure about this topic because really I'm not the person to be giving advice on how to do hair. I have very thick curly hair that is difficult to deal with... so usually I don't. I just throw it up in a bun, out of my way and call it a day. I do however do my hair if I straightened it which I have been doing more often lately. I have been doing some "research" on some easy hairstyles and thought I'd share them!

1. Half-Up Half-Down - not exactly creative but it is a great easy go-to that takes almost no time and looks classy. Leave a few strands of hair down by your face to frame the shape of your face. Also try to not pull it back too tight for a loose, wavy look.

Repurpose last night's texture with an easy out-of-your-face style.
2. Knotted Bun - This is a put together look that can look more business like if you make it a low bun or more of a going out look if placed higher. To do this simply make a ponytail where you want the bun to be, brain the ponytail, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail and secure it with an elastic and/or bobby pins.
Show off an unexpected twist with this no-nonsense braided bun.

3. Teased High Pony - This is a fun look that can be worn different ways and can be casual, or classy. Tease both the crown of the hair as well as the ponytail itself for a volumized look.
Image result for grey hair

4. Side Swept Braid - This can be done different ways depending on what kind of braid you do. Below is a video showing how to do a fishtail braid. 

Wishing you all infinite good hair days! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Random Favorites: Take 2

I had so much fun writing my last 'Favorites' post and it had such a great response that I decided to do an updated one. So here are some of my new favorite things.
Beauty Products:
Naked 3 eye shadow pallet - Although this pallet is a big investment, as it is around $50, if you do use eye shadow often, it is well worth the money in my opinion.
Image result for naked 3 eyeshadow
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo - I have pretty dark eyebrows to begin with but this powder is great for filling in the sparse areas. I recommend going to Sephora and asking an employee to match your shade so you don't end up with something too dark or two light. Anastasia also offers a good selection of other types of brow products including gel, pencils, etc.
Image result for anastasia brow powder duo

I am very into country music so if that's not your thing, then you probably won't like any of these. I have been using Pandora lately and listen to music about 80% of the time I'm awake weather its in the car, while I'm in my room, showering, and getting work done. This being said, I have way too many songs to list so I will list some of my favorite new found artists instead.
- Charles Kelley
- The Cadillac Three
- Eric Pasley
- Brothers Osborn

Shows and Movies:
I have been watching almost all my TV on Netflix lately, so most of the shows and movies listed can be found there. Please comment series suggestions on Netflix I am always looking for new shows!
- Blue Bloods
- Fuller House
- Vampire Diaries
- Super Natural
- Criminal Minds
- The Bachelor 

As always I'd love to hear some of your favorites as well and suggestions for new blog topics! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Earn Some Extra Cash

Life can get busy, so when your wallet is looking thin, it can be hard to earn money quickly, especially with all of the other expenses eating up your paychecks. I did some research and found a few ways to earn some extra spending money.
1. Take Paid Online Surveys - This is so easy. You can literally earn money from your couch. Yup, earn money from your couch! Some websites that offer this are.. My SurveySwagBucks, or Survey Money Machines
2. Sell Old Unused Junk - Not only will you declutter, but you can earn some cash. Ebay and Craigslist are great sites to do this on.
3. If You Have a Talent, Use it! - There are tons of websites that you can sell homemade crafts, clothes, etc. like ArtFire or Etsy.
4. Babysit - This depends on your schedule and interest in kids, but this is a classic way to earn some extra money.
5. Tutor - You can earn $10 to $15 dollars per hour or even $75 with a teaching degree.
6. Participate in Research Studies - There are thousands of different research studies willing to pay for your time. Look for signs in doctor's offices or go online to find one that fits you.
7. Recycle - This can help earn a few extra bucks while helping the environment. Most bottles and cans offer 5 to 10 cent deposit when you take them to a recycling center as opposed to throwing them away.
8. Sell or Turn in Old Electronics - Some carriers like Verizon offer a service in which you can turn in your old phone for a new one. Another way to get some money from old, unused, or broken phones is to sell them. There are many websites like EcoCell and centers that will pay for old electronics.
9. Dog Walking - Pretty self explanatory but if you have a little extra time, dog walking gets you exercise and puts a few dollars in your pocket at the same time. 

While I was researching some more ways to earn money, I came across a website dedicated to helping people save and earn money quickly and easily. Whether you're earning or saving, check out The Penny Hoarder for tips, tricks, and advice.

Comment how you earn extra cash! Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Off-topic: Christmas Favorites!

I know mot everyone celebrates Christmas, but for those of you who do, or even if you don't, I hope you all enjoy this Christmas spirited post! I, for one am very excited to set up the tree, watch Christmas movies while it snows (hopefully) and bask in the smell (and taste) of snowflake shaped Christmas cookies!

My favorite Christmas movies:
I would love to hear what other people's favorites are too! I'm always looking for a good movie to get me excited for the holidays.
Image result for elf
Elf has, and hopefully will never, disappoint to make me laugh.

My favorite Christmas food:
Bark A.K.A. Christmas Crack lives up to its name. Not that I can say that I've ever tried crack, but I mean this stuff might be almost as addicting. A layer of saltine crackers on a pan, in covered in a mix of melted butter and sugar, chilled and covered in a layer of chocolate and sprinkled with chopped almonds or crushed candy canes. I swear a warning should come with it because it is irresistible.
Image result for christmas crack

My favorite Christmas apparel:
I love winter fashion and will definitely be adding some posts related to that topic in the future, by as this is a Christmas post I will try to stick to the topic. I am a very picky person when it comes to what I wear, but I love the idea of cute and ugly Christmas sweaters.
I recently bought a pair of fleece onesie Christmas pajamas that are printed in Christmas lights. They are so ugly and cute at the same time. And yes, maybe I look like a giant baby but hey, they're SO comfy.
I found mine (in adult sizes) at Francesca's , whereas these are from Sears in the Junior section, but they are fairly similar (minus the feet).

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Ultimate High Heel Guide

For some, shoes are just something to keep our feet warm, dry, and off the ground - but for me, shoes are part of something bigger. Shoes are the key to tying the perfect outfit together. I have always loved fashion. It has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I hope to go to college for, and later pursue a career in fashion as well.
As girls, many of us own more pairs of shoes than we can even wear, or at least more than we need. But do you really know the names of all the styles of shoes? I mean just about everyone knows the difference between boots, sneakers, heels, sandals, and flats, but do you know the difference between a stiletto and pumps? Well, here is a visual and descriptive guide of 25 different types of shoes and when to wear them.

Heels: Like all types of shoes, different heels are great for different types of events, but tend to be more formal or fun (and not necessarily comfortable footwear).
Stilettos - Stilettos tend to be more pointed with a skinny heel and are great for formal or business events
Image result for stilettos

Pumps - Less formal, pumps are a bit more rounded and are better for going to a party or out to dinner.
Image result for pumps
Platforms - Platform sizes can range in size from about half an inch (which could be considered a pump) to a few inches high and are far from business, but perfect for a party.
Image result for platform heels

T-strap - T-straps are basically what you'd picture: a strap shaped like a curved 'T'. These can come in many types of heels and therefore vary which occasion they fit.
Image result for t strap heels
More heel styles:
Image result for types of shoes

Thanks for reading and please comment ideas on what I should post next! :)
- E

Friday, November 18, 2016


So this year I am a senior in high school which is very exciting! I am currently taking a course called "Humanities" in which we are assigned to form a blog on a passion we have. The first thing that pops into mind is fashion, which has been an interest of mine since I can remember. I decided to get back into this blog instead of creating a new one, so here I am. I am excited to add some new posts and see where the pen and paper (or in this case, the keyboard), takes me.
I will be continuing to blog about fashion related topics and would love suggestions for specific topics. Please email me at or comment on any of my posts. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I am so excited to start blogging again.

- E

Monday, January 4, 2016

Do's and Don'ts of Job Interviews

Job Interviews are tricky no matter how big of a deal they are. Your appearance is a super important even if you're just interviewing for a local clothing store. You could have the perfect resume but if you show up in yesterday's yogas and a top two sizes two small, the odds are you're probably not going to get the job. A company is looking for someone who will not only do their job well, but who positively represents the company.

Other Tips:
Show up with wet hair, this shows bad time management and looks less professional.
Wear yoga pants or leggings.
Show undergarments.
Play with hair or nails and/or fidget.
Use bad grammar or mumble.

Have a fresh manicure. Even no manicure at all is much better than old chipped nail polish.
Go for simple, rather than bold, this applies for clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories etc.
Make eye contact.
Be friendly.
Prepare to answer common interview questions. This can help relieve nerves if you know what you're going to say and gives you time to come up with good answers.
Have a minimal to extensive knowledge of the company.

Smile and give a firm handshake.
Be truthful. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt when it comes to your strengths and honest when it comes to your weaknesses. It's okay to say that you're good with people or you struggle a bit with organization. This is the type of thing the employer wants to hear. It saves time and energy on both ends if you are honest, this way it's easier to tell if the job is right for you. If it's not, that's okay. It's better to find out now then after you get the job.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo - E