Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Random Favorites: Take 2

I had so much fun writing my last 'Favorites' post and it had such a great response that I decided to do an updated one. So here are some of my new favorite things.
Beauty Products:
Naked 3 eye shadow pallet - Although this pallet is a big investment, as it is around $50, if you do use eye shadow often, it is well worth the money in my opinion.
Image result for naked 3 eyeshadow
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo - I have pretty dark eyebrows to begin with but this powder is great for filling in the sparse areas. I recommend going to Sephora and asking an employee to match your shade so you don't end up with something too dark or two light. Anastasia also offers a good selection of other types of brow products including gel, pencils, etc.
Image result for anastasia brow powder duo

I am very into country music so if that's not your thing, then you probably won't like any of these. I have been using Pandora lately and listen to music about 80% of the time I'm awake weather its in the car, while I'm in my room, showering, and getting work done. This being said, I have way too many songs to list so I will list some of my favorite new found artists instead.
- Charles Kelley
- The Cadillac Three
- Eric Pasley
- Brothers Osborn

Shows and Movies:
I have been watching almost all my TV on Netflix lately, so most of the shows and movies listed can be found there. Please comment series suggestions on Netflix I am always looking for new shows!
- Blue Bloods
- Fuller House
- Vampire Diaries
- Super Natural
- Criminal Minds
- The Bachelor 

As always I'd love to hear some of your favorites as well and suggestions for new blog topics! Thanks for reading!